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Providing “eligible products” –we deliver public companies to capital markets.
In capital markets, Institutional investors and stockholders are the customers. Only a company with satisfying institutional investors and stockholders can be a successful public company. We thus see Institutional investors and stockholders as our ultimate clientele.
Successful listing of a company just means that the company gets to be the seed of a capital market cash tree. The better the performance of the public company, the more benefits and support from the capital markets the company will gain, and the more the tree will grow.
Aidi investment is THE professional company, which majors in cultivating enterprises for listing. In other words, Aidi investment is, in its turn, the “seed company”, from which all Chinese public-listed companies effectively grow.
Aidi investment’s criteria for qualifying as “seed” company are: a high growth rate; full legal disclosure, and a fair, honest and open approach to business.