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In full compliance with the rules and requirements of international capital markets and based on the deep understanding of the Chinese economy, Chinese enterprises and international capital markets, Aidi investment provides the following services for the international capital markets:
Aidi provides low-cost but competitive Chinese enterprises with high-growth rates and the potential for development in the international capital markets;
Aidi provides eligible “products”— Chinese enterprises which have completed due diligence investigation and who comply with the audit and financial regulations of international capital markets;
Aidi provides professional services to allow the exploitation of the Chinese market, the preparation and execution of merger and acquisition target projects for international capital markets.
Aidi provides Chinese enterprises for the international capital markets, enabling the building of Sino-US strategic alignments.
We provide the following services for Chinese enterprises:
Financial consultation for financing and listing in foreign capital markets
Aidi investment provides a series of services for both pre-listing and post-listing scenarios, including industry analysis, strategic planning,  adjustments for innovation and opportunities, operations planning, re-structuring, stock ownership planning, evaluation on the advantages of enterprise (analysis on selling-point/ USP’s), analysis on financial needs, feasibility reports on new projects, project cultivation, pre-audit financial analysis, financial regulation awareness, preparation of business plans, establishing consultation teams, road-shows and PR events, post-listing management plans, etc.

Financial Advisor for the public companies
Aidi investment provides a full service to permit Chinese enterprises to go public in overseas capital markets. Aidi investment will assist the company with restructuring in compliance with international standards and provide financial consultation services to the company. Afterwards, the financial projection of the company will meet the requirement of international capital markets as the company changes to meet the challenges of the modern global enterprise system. Simultaneously, Aidi investment will assist enterprises to build strategic alliances and promote the financing process of the enterprise in international capital markets. Finally, in going public in U.S. or other overseas capital markets,the company will have realized the goals of its creators.
Direct investment
Aidi investment also directly invests in medium and small enterprises
Aidi investment also will select and acquire target enterprises for public companies, so as to make enterprises which are not able to go public currently, to become the subsidiary of an existing public company, and thus to achieve the same goal by means of an indirect listing.