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Aidi Investment INC (“Aidi investment” or “Aidi”) is a US-based, full  spectrum, financial services company.
Aidi provides managerial and financial advisory services in: strategic planning; marketing; financial analysis; equity, debt and project financing; merger and acquisition; private  placement and the successful launch of IPO’s.
Aidi investment has a great in-depth understanding of the international equity capital markets. Not only has Aidi investment comprehensively studied:fiscal and monetary policies; the developing trends in the flows of funds, but also has accumulated successful experience and close working relationships with: top-tier investment bankers. In addition, we deal with the accounting firms, all major law firms along with; underwriters; market maker-investor relations companies, all of whom are competent in financing on a global basis.
Aidi investment follows the basic requirements and international practices of the global financial markets. Aidi can therefore totally dedicate itself to assisting Chinese companies to gain overseas public listings and financing.
Aidi provides its financial services on a long-term basis to enable sustained access to the international equity capital markets. In addition to its financial services, Aidi also facilitates the funding process for Chinese companies and underpins the foundation of strategic alliances and relationships for clients with the cooperation of strategic partners on a worldwide basis.
Aidi investment invests in small and medium-sized enterprises with very high-growth potential. We also directly invest in enterprises to cultivate compliance with all market pre-listing requirements, and to engender accelerated growth paths in all our clients.